Black History Month

Inspired by the recent dialogue about race and society, this series of posters examines black history in celebration of black history month.

Poster 1: “Black History is Our History” features the names of hundreds of influential black people throughout history, with people like Harriet Tubman and her work on the underground railroad, Rosa Parks and her landmark stand for civil rights, the civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. The idea behind this poster is that all of these figures build on top of one another to form history.

Posters 2 & 3: These are both created by layering typography over itself to form an image. “I have a dream” features the text of Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous speech, gathering together to represent the iconic black power fist, a symbol of the civil rights era. “The emancipation proclamation” features the text of the emancipation proclamation, signed by President Lincoln in 1863 freeing all slaves throughout the USA. This text features the image of a chain breaking, symbolising the breaking of bondage.